Friday, 13 April 2012

24 Hour Piano Marathon

      As you may remember last April I successfully completed my 12 hour piano marathon from my home through a web cam link to this blog. I would just like to thank everyone again who helped me then for making it such a success! It was a really challenge and I was glad to have finished it. But this year from 12:00 on 5th June to 12:00 on 6th June I will be attempting to not only keep my concentration for 24 hours (something we teenagers are not particularity well known for) whilst also staying awake (something perhaps teenagers are more infamous for). That is...a 24 hour piano marathon! The location this time will be at Tesco in Evesham, hopefully it will be streamed online again but I'm not sure how logistics would work at the moment. Arrangements have changed so much in the last two months and with just under two months to go I'm hoping that they won't change much from now but if they do, I'll keep you posted!
      Things are moving very quickly at the moment with exams, preparations for the trip and other time consuming things life no doubt will bring up. This doesn't leave me with much time between now and the Piano Marathon so wish me luck!.........