Saturday, 25 February 2012

Rotary Club Presentation Sucess

     Last Thursday, 23rd February, I attended a meeting of Southam 2000 Rotary Club to give them a presentation about what I am going to be doing in Tanzania this July. I learned a lot from them about their charitable efforts such as their recent drive to eradicate polio with vaccinations in India. I hope they leaned a lot about my plans for the trip, the questions asked by the Rotarians were thought provoking and engaging. 
      On the subject of vaccinations I had my last two yesterday. The trip does seem to be well and truly closing in, as too does the fundraising. With the kind donation from the Rotary club I now have raised almost £2,000 since I started almost exactly a year ago. Not that much further to go, and with my upcoming Piano Marathon II, hopefully running for 24 hours, I will be able to make another large step towards my final payment. The arrangements for this piano marathon are being finalised at the moment and I will post updates as this develops.

     Many thanks to Southam 2000 Rotary Club once again, I'll now have to ensure I bring back enough memories and photos
to show how their kind donation has gone towards this trip.