Monday, 29 August 2011

New School Year

     The new school year approaches! And with it brings opportunities for more fundraising at school. Hopefully this year I will have even more successes to tell you about, both individual and as part of the whole school team.

     As I said before the holidays I am going to write more letters to companies for fundraising and providing equipment. Just before I went away I was rewarded by the success of baselayer kindly donating one of their specialities. There is now a column down the right side of the page where donor companies are listed, I hope my next batch of letter writing will add to that list.

     During this week a milestone passed, it was time to pay my first instalment of 40%, which makes 50% in total now. Luckily I am on track and have raised 44% through fundraising, hopefully next time I will have made it all.

     As ever I will post updates as they develop.