Saturday, 26 February 2011

The blog is launched!

     Today is the start of this blog which will document my progress towards my trip to Tanzania in August 2012. 

     When my school announced that this trip was going to take place, I was immediately interested. I jumped at the opportunity to travel to Africa and take part in projects involving wildlife conservation, community projects such as building schools, and to learn about the people of Tanzania and their unique culture.

     This evening I went to a fantastic gig at the Stretton-under-Fosse village hall. There I spoke with Ken Nicol (who was playing with Ashley Hutchings - both of whom are British folk rock legends) who was interested in my plans and made an announcement during the performance about my fundraising event. Event, do you ask? Yes! In the near future I will be playing the piano for 12 hours straight, which will be streamed live to this very blog.

     The event is being developed now and I'll be posting updates. So thank you for visiting my blog and a special thank you to the generous people at the Ken and Ashley gig tonight who are already sponsoring my piano marathon. If you would like to help too, please contact me. A payment facility will be in place soon.